The giants, Jordi and Núria

The original giants were created in September 1925, for the Santa Espina Festival, but were burned in February 1939, during the Civil War. In 1982, new giants were built, copied from photographs of the originals, and they danced for the first time at that year's festival. The giant Jordi measures 4.12 m and weighs 58 kilos, while the giant Núria measures 3.76 m and weighs 48 kilos.

The giants go out to dance in the Plaça Nova for the Festa Major (annual festival around the date of Sant Jaume, July 24) and for Santa Espina (the fourth weekend in September). The dance of the giants is accompanied by the music of the master sardana composer Josep Saderra i Puigferrer, born in Sant Feliu de Pallerols in 1883.