Vall Ter-Brugent

A valley

The Ter River defines the landscape and the relationships between the populations that border it. For this reason, the regional administrative borders between La Selva, La Garrotxa and Gironès have not overshadowed the daily life of these towns.

View of the Valley

The core of Amer

AMER, amidst cliffs and mountains

In Amer, on Santa Brígida mountain, you can practise paragliding or climbing. There are several routes through the mountains of the municipality, such as the Ermites route, around the mountain or along the Brugent River from the banks of the Panta del Pasteral to the mouth of the River Ter.

Pau dels Remences

This village has a long history and was one of the main sites in the conflict of the Remença (peasant) uprising in the 15th century. The negotiations between King Ferdinand the Catholic and the Remença leaders took place in the monastery of this town.

Santa Bígida

The Cellera core

LA CELLERA, water routes

In La Cellera, we will find the only known dolmen in the valley, a fishing area open all year, and several routes, such as the water route. The town has an extensive network of associations that brighten up cultural life with activities throughout the year.

ANGLÈS, the Gothic window

This town has one of the oldest and most important Gothic quarters in Catalonia, declared a Site of National Interest by the Generalitat de Catalunya. It also houses the Burés factory, where you can see an operating steam engine. The surrealist painter Remedios Varo was born in this town, where her father worked as an engineer for La Burés, and much of her work includes elements of the Anglès landscape. There are also several signposted routes through the surrounding mountains within the municipality.

The core of English