Vall de LLémena

One step away

Much of the history of Vall d’Hostoles can be understood through its links to Vall de Llémena. There are castles from the Cartellà lineage, and the birthplace of Pere Joan Sala, one of the outstanding leaders of the Remença uprising. In addition, in the Vall de Llémena you can go on nature excursions, getting to know caves, cliffs, hermitages and archaeological sites.

Valley of Llémena

Sant Aniol de Finestres

SANT ANIOL DE FINESTRES, water and rugged landscape

In Sant Aniol, there are several excursions around the area, visiting the Castle of Finestres, the church of Santa Maria de Finestres and the landscape of the Carlist wars, where the top of the mountain connects with Santa Pau and Mieres. The landscape is rough and great for climbing lovers. The villages of Sant Esteve de Llémena and La Barroca also belong to the municipality, with various churches of Romanesque origin. In Sant Aniol there is an outstanding spring from which volcanic water is sold.

SANT MARTÍ DE LLÉMENA Cliffs and caves

In the small village of Sant Martí, the late Middle Ages watch tower stands out, where a relief of the eponymous patron saint was later placed next to the church. Most farmhouses in the district date from the 15th-17th centuries. Around Sant Martí you can go on excursions to the cliffs, the river and various caves.


Around the church and castle of Granollers de Rocacorba there are several itineraries, one to the fountain of the squirrels, or the one of the ice creams (!). The cliffs of Sant Roc, site of the Gorge of les Bruixes and the caves are stand outs. The leader of the Remença uprising, Pere Joan Sala (1440-1485), was born in Granollers de Rocacorba.

Granollers de Rocacorba.


LLORÀ and PLA DE SANT JOAN, walking the volcanoes

Before reaching the centre of Llorà, in Pla de Sant Joan, we find the Volcano of Banya de Boc, in which you can appreciate a crater that sinks to a depth of 100 metres. This crater is full of vegetation and crops. The small village of Llorà has an ancient charm, with the church of Sant Pere at the centre.