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Gorge of la Plana (La Plana Waterfall)

40 min
2.74 km
A short distance from the center and in front of the cemetery there are these gorges that require the silence of visitors to be able to hear all the textures...

Saltant de Santa Margarida (Santa Margarida Cascade)

30 min
1.84 km
The spectacularity of this gorge lies in the more than 10 meters of its waterfall. The walk through the Via verda del…

Gorge Molí dels Murris (Molí dels Murris Waterfall)

40 min
2.76 km
One of the most famous gorges in the Plains, with cold water and petrified plants in its springs due to the high amount of calcium carbonate in...

Gorge of Can Poeti (Can Poetí Waterfall)

15 min
400 m
Very easy
The shortest route and closest to the center, very close to the Sala Polivalent, having passed the old train station, at the foot of the…

Fauna and Flora

The Brugent river and its surroundings are quite clean of pollutants and generally have a good state of conservation. Around the…