Legends of witches and wizards

The witches transformed themselves into ravens or snakes, and they liked to suck the milk of the cattle and the nursemaids of Les Planes. But there was also a woman in the village who was an expert at discovering them and making them vanish using a stick as she prayed.

Among the sorcerers, the most remembered case is that of Pere Torrent, alias Cufí, who in 1619 was accused of witchcraft: a real case documented by the Inquisition. This man lived in Les Encies and it is said that he sold his soul to the devil because of a toothache. Under torture he confessed to having relations with witches and demons, and although his brother begged for him to be forgiven for being a ‘sick person of little sanity’, in November of the same year he was hanged by the Holy Inquisition.

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Photos: @enia_photography