Gorge Molí dels Murris (Molí dels Murris Waterfall)

40 min
2.76 km
39 m

This is one of the best known waterfalls in Les Planes, with cold water and petrified plants hidden in its cascades due to the high amount of calcium carbonate in the water. The landscape of the river creates gours or shallow-gradient dams. In order to follow the Itinerànnia route, it is recommended to park at the Sala Polivalent (Village Hall) and follow the cycle lane, so you can take in the gorge of Can Poetí and the woods of El Llover on the way.

This gorge belongs to the village of Cogolls, where the church of Sant Cristòfol is located, the oldest in the Vall d’Hostoles, dating from 986.

Route 4 Itinerània
Photos: @enia_photography