Religious festivities: Easter, Sant Cristòfol, Christmas

Les Planes traditionally participates in the main religious festivities every year.

During Easter, the villagers take part in a procession that passes through the old town and the Vedruna neighbourhood. Dressed as Manaies (Roman soldiers), they carry designs of the star and the cross.

The festivity of Sant Cristofol has been revived in recent years. This saint was the former patron saint of the municipality, which is why the school and some squares still bear his name. During the festivities, exhibitions and concerts are held in the church, and you can climb the bell tower.

The centenarian choir, Retorn Planenc, accompanies many of these celebrations.

At Christmas, the Jonquer neighbourhood celebrates with Caga Tio (a tradition that has to be seen to be believed – children sing songs to a ‘log’ which rewards them with presents from its rear end!). Another celebration is a Quina (a kind of bingo game), held in the village hall, the little ones can play in a children’s entertainment area and to culminate, the pageboy comes to collect the cards for the three wise men who will arrive in the village with a parade. On Twelfth Night all the children talk to the wise men and listen to their good advice. On the day of the Epiphany or feast of Kings Day, three kings from the East come to wake up the children to give them gifts.