Trade and fountain routes

The old Camí Ral (main road) that connected Vic to Girona passed through Les Planes throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Various trades were concentrated along the route to serve the residents and passengers: stonemasons, builders, carpenters, petronel makers (a kind of firearm), carders, blacksmiths, tailors, shoemakers, merchants and muleteers. The engravings on the lintels of front doors, especially in Carrer de la Font, bear witness to those trades. These activities were combined with agriculture, and orchards and fields surrounded the old quarter and expanded along the Camí Ral. The road led to the Vedruna Fountain and the washing-places, which were used by travellers to bathe. Signs located around the old quarter explain the details of these trades, of which detailed documentation has been found. The fountains and washing places, recently restored to their original designs, are another attraction along this route.

Very close by, on the way to Sant Feliu de Pallerols, nestles the chapel of the Angel, a delightful site related to ancient legends.