Local history: 20th century

1900: The installation of the railway segment between Amer and Les Planes is completed.

1902: The Girona-Olot rail line was inaugurated.

1909: Repercussions of the 'Tragic Week’. Tracks and crossings are pulled up to prevent the train’s passage from Olot.

1911: Stonemasons revolt in response to the dismissals by the company that succeeded Miró and Trepat and the harsh actions of the Civil Guard.

1918: On 15 November, inauguration of the school in the Modernist style.

1919: First celebration of the Homage to Old Age festival on Easter Monday.

1921: The Retorn Planenc Choral Society was founded on 1 February.

1925: The giants, Jordi and Núria, are inaugurated, and a year later the Capgrossos. They were burned in 1939 during the war. The heads are reinstated in 1947 and dance to music by Josep Saderra.

1931: On 18 April, Les Planes council adheres to the ‘gloriously implemented regime that fulfils the long-felt longing for freedom for Catalonia’, according to the text of the agreement.

1936: The towns of the municipality live and suffer the consequences of the Spanish Civil War.

1945: The Darnau i Mundet i Pla foundries open.

1958: Official inauguration of the Joan Vidal-designed ‘cases barates’ (cheap houses).

1962: Demolition of the castle, by the old militia of the Olmera family.

1978: First floats parade for Santa Espina (this carries on until the 90s).

1979: First democratic municipal elections.

1981: New giants are built in imitation of the old ones, to be inaugurated the following year.

1982: Promulgation of the Law for the Protection of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone, which declares the northern sector of Les Planes a Natural Park and establishes the qualification of a Natural Reserve for the Traiter Volcano.

1983: The newsletter El Fenc is published, which would later become the current Nyer.

1984: Ràdio les Planes broadcasts from the studios on Carrer de la Roureda.

1986: On 21April, all the villages of the Valley celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Pau Remença.

1998: In the month of September, the community centre, La Cooperativa, was inaugurated, with the Bar la Llar de Jubilats (Retirees Centre) and the Municipal Library. It reopened with a quarterly cultural agenda of activities in April 2018.