Local history: 21st century

2001: The ‘Fair of cane, wood and products of the Earth’ is created as part of the Santa Espina festivities.

2006: : In the month of July, the concert ‘Cançoner 1922’ is held in Hotel Can Garay with an interpretation of musical pieces.

2016: The first Planestiueja't summer festival takes place Planestiueja'tAlso, the first edition of the ‘Games and Products of the Earth Fair’ takes place as a continuation of the ‘Fira del Bastó’.

2017: The film ‘Summer 1993’ is released, filmed in Les Planes and directed by Carla Simon from Les Planes. It is awarded several national and international film awards and recognitions. Part of her experience about arriving in the village as a child is recounted in the film.

2018: The centenary events of the Sant Cristòfol School are held. The community centre, Casal Cívic La Cooperativa reopens, offering a quarterly agenda of socio-cultural activities.

2021: The Planenc Choir celebrates its centenary but cannot hold the planned celebration events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.