Via Verda (Green Way) to Girona

34 km
294 m

With an average gradient of around 1.5 m, the old Carrilet train route has become the Via Verda (Green Way), an ideal path for walking or cycling. Along the stretch between Les Planes and Girona, the landscape’s character is linked to the river’s fauna and flora, and you can also discover the culture and history of its surroundings. For example, the whole territory on this stretch reflects the history of modernist architecture. Despite a large difference in elevation, the slope is very gradual and constant, especially in the first part of the route (Les Planes is 370 m high, and Girona is 76 m high). Having passed the capital, the railway route enters the region of La Selva to arrive on the Costa Brava.

The whole of the Carrilet route is 54 km and crosses three counties: La Garrotxa, La Selva and Gironès.

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