Visit to Les Encies

4 km

The village of Les Encies is made up of several scattered farmhouses and the central hub of Les Encies, with its church dedicated to the ‘found’ virgin (the local festivities are held on 8 September). Its name comes from the Latin “incis” meaning “incision”, because the legend says that the wooden carving of the original virgin was found engraved on a rock from which a spring spouted, possibly the present fountain. Midwives historically used these waters to heal. There are some relics of saints in the church, and the old rectory was one of the first local schools.

Les Encies is 4 km from the town of Les Planes and can be reached either by car taking the road that connects with the Vall de Llémena (GI-531) or on foot (50 minutes).

Route Les Encies by Wikiloc
Photos: @enia_photography