Route of the Remences


The Vall d'Hostoles and its surroundings were the scene of the rebellion of the Remences (peasants) in 1448. In the 15th century, the peasants managed to overcome the feudal lords and their tyranny, led by Francesc de Verntallat, born in the Vall d’en Bas, and Pere Joan Sala, from the Vall de Llémena. Negotiations between the feudal lords and the peasants took place in the monastery of Santa Maria d’Amer, where the Treaty of Guadalupe was created, heralding victory for the peasantry for the first time.

The mural painted by Roc Blackblock, which documents this historic moment, is located at the crossroads of the Remença uprising, between Amer, the Vall de Llémena and the Vall d’Hostoles. You can read details of this historic moment using the QR code on the mural or at the following link: mursdebitàcola. mursdebitàcola..

The Castle of Hostoles, which overlooks the municipality of Les Planes, was the headquarters of the riots, and therefore one of the focal points of this war.

Below you can see rendered images of the Castell d’Hostoles according to historical studies.

Route Castell d’Hostoles