Hermitages and churches

Les Planes d’Hostoles has several hermitages and churches, some within the populated areas and others scattered around the mountain, the oldest ones of Romanesque origin. The Àngel hermitage is very close to the village, and further away, at the foot of the cliff, rests Sant Pere Sacosta (dated 1207). This hermitage hosts the nativity scene every Christmas. The town’s church, one of the largest in the county, was built during the Franco regime after the old one was blown up by Republican forces. The church of Les Planes contains works of remarkable Modernist artistic heritage, such as the wooden carving of Sant Cristòfol and the 27 stained-glass windows made by the workshop Rigalt Granell i Cia, which also made the famous dome of the Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona.

On the way to Cogolls, we find the hermitage of Sant Pelegrí, and next to the municipality of Sant Feliu de Pallerols, the chapel of El Salvador. The small village of Cogolls surrounds the church of Sant Cristòfol, the oldest in the municipality, dating from 986. In October, the festivities of Cogolls are celebrated with the popular gathering of Sant Grau, who has been worshipped since ancient times as the custodian of livestock.

The core of Les Encies contains the church of Santa Maria (dated 1155), dedicated to a ‘found’ virgin, and at the beginning of September, there are festivities in the village.

This page offers some routes to visit these places and some of the legends that accompany them.

Photos: @enia_photography and Ajuntament de les Planes d'Hostoles