Route of the legends

There have been many imaginary beings passed down through stories and legends about the local area: In the hermitage of the Àngel, some angel carpenters miraculously carved crosses; in the neighbourhood of La Vedruna lived Tana, a giant snake fed by a neighbour of the village; on the rock of Can Dou, the devil's horse left his footprint; in the Castle of Hostoles, a midwife received magic rye that turned into kernels of gold… There are legends of secret underground corridors that connect the Castle of Hostoles with the church and some caves near the gorges. There are spirits who live in nature: water women and an ogre live in the river; fairies and goblins live in the mountains and witches and wizards gather there as well.

There are also stories in which reality mixes with fiction. This is the case of the local girl, Maria de Jonqueres, who lived in Mas el Jonquer, and with whom Alfons of Aragón (son of the king) fell in love: he then kidnapped her and they had two children.