Local history: 18th and 19th century

1724: Construction of the spectacular main altar of the parish church, by the sculptor, Francesc Escarpanter from Olot.

1767: Construction of the Mas Vedruna fountain on Camí Ral, where cartwrights, muleteers, basket makers, wheelwrights and merchants gathered.

1787: The population of the village was 709 inhabitants (according to the Floridablanca census), a very remarkable growth compared to the year 1718 – 544 inhabitants (Campaflorida census).

1833: All the towns of the Vall d’Hostoles officially adhere to the Carlist cause.

1849: On 9 January, in Les Planes, Ramon Cabrera defeated the Elizabethan columns: Hore and Ruiz.

1855: The municipal independence of Les Planes and also that of Les Encies is announced, forming a single municipality with Cogolls.

1860: On 24 February, the Dominican sisters settled in Les Planes to dedicate themselves to teaching.

1872: Les Planes, les Encies and Cogolls constitute a single municipality and become independent from Sant Feliu de Pallerols.

1886: The industrial expansion of Les Planes begins with the establishment of the Dusol spinning mill.

Photos: Colònia Dussol, under the Torre dels Til·lers.