Other places of interest

In addition to the Modernist buildings, there are some other points of architectural, social or historical interest in the village.

The old train station stands in the town’s sports complex. The old tracks of the ‘Carrilet’ (a train that ran in Les Planes from 1900 to 1969) have become the Via Verda, which is very popular for cycling and walking.

The oldest civil building in Les Planes is Mas el Jonquer, which survived the earthquake of 1428 and gives its name to the neighbourhood that borders it which began to be built in the 1960s. Maria de Jonquers (1441-1506) also lived in this farmhouse: she was kidnapped by Alfonso of Aragón, with whom she had two children recognised by King Juan II. The town library bears her name.

The Joan Vidal neighbourhood (popularly known as ‘cases barates’ meaning cheap houses) was designed in 1955 by this architect, and consists of 100 terraced houses with gardens. This neighbourhood is an example of a garden city for the working class, all of them aligned, sharing a certain uniformity and common garden spaces, such as in the Plaça de Sant Cristòfol. Sadly subsequent modernisations have made it difficult to see the original aesthetic coherence