Urban art route

Artistic expression brings us closer to reflection and emotion. In early 2020, shortly before confinement, three young emerging artists painted murals in Les Planes that now appear to be premonitory:Elisa Capdevila recovered a photograph from the previous century of village seamstresses and later, some women started to make masks voluntarily for local people to use;Slim Safont illustrates with great skill two generations that communicate via mobile phone, and Jofre Oliveras presents us with a nest in a cage and a sparrow that returns to it. Each of these murals is located in the village centre: the first one is on the road to the west side of the village entrance, the second one is by the playground in the centre of town, and the third one on Tarragona Street.

In 2021, Rock Blackblock made a mural in front of the Sala Polivalent (Village Hall) that depicts the peasant uprising of the Remences (15th century), which took place in these territories. A description of this historical moment can be found on the Bitacola walls. website. The mural has a QR code to access this information. In September, a young artist from Les Planes, Joel Amat Güelmade a mural of his maternal great-grandfather, Miquel Bosch Puigdemont, who was a basket weaver, as a representation of the old trades that are disappearing. In 2022, the local artist

In 2022, the local artist Nil Perujo created the mural "Lost in memory" in the Jonquer neighbourhood, a reflection on memory and the passage of time. Very close to the road, the ARK ARK group with Joel Amat created a mural about freedom of speech that represents the imprisoned Pablo Hasél. Alba Azaola In the Jonquer neighbourhood, a local artist has also made a mural at the entrance to the El Melic nursery and there are other murals made by local artists inside the municipal school and the cultural centre, La Cooperativa. Lily Brick he painted a mother, farmer, farmer in honor of the patron saint of the neighborhood (Sant Isidre) and also incorporated the figure of the ladybug, symbol of this neighborhood. In the schoolyard, Erb Mon made an abstract mural with the participation of upper cycle students. 

In the Jonquer neighborhood, Joel Amat also made a mural at the entrance of the "El Melic" Kindergarten, and the artist based in the neighborhood Mònica Conde, the child who is the symbol of the home. The Sant Cristòfol municipal school and the Casal Cívic la Cooperativa also have other murals made by local artists, such as Erna Toepfer, Imma Mudarra or Mònica Conde, but inside.

Des travaux sont en cours pour enrichir le parcours artistique par des œuvres d'artistes locaux et étrangers dans l'espace public, mais aussi en proposant des spectacles extérieurs de plus en plus diversifiés. En ce sens, Les Planes compte de le groupe de jeunes ARK (Rural Actions for Kulture) – have undertaken more works, such as the mural on Carrer de la Font, among other hidden gems around the village.